SMUAA Membership

  • Benefits
  • - 15% off dining at B3: Burger Beer Bistro Alumni Bistro & The ALcove Alumni Lounge
  • - Special birthday privileges with SMUAA
  • - Free module with SMU Academy worth $1605 (limited seats available!)
  • - 20% off SMU Executive Development Programmes
  • - Priority / Free entry to alumni events (from $20)
  • - Merchant discounts at participating outlets
  • - More benefits found here.
  • Add-ons Privileges
  • - Access to and use of Gymnasium and Swimming Pool
  • - Preferential Parking Rates* - 30% off public rates. Please refer to HERE on SMU carpark public parking fee.

    *Please note that the processing time for the parking privilege reflected in the registration form does not include the additional 5 working days required by SMUAA.

SMUAA Membership Office

The ALcove
80 Stamford Road, #B1-62
School of Information Systems
SMU Basement Concourse
Singapore 178902
(Underneath SIS Escalators)
Any membership enquiries please contact
Tel: 8168 5981

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Cap & Gown Day 2017 Promotion

SMUAA Membership Sign Up Free Gift (T-shirt)
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